Walmart Call Out Number

Walmart is an organization that has a huge chain of grocery stores, all across the globe. The recent survey statistics say that there are about 2 million employees working in it. Walmart was initially established by Sam Walton in 1962 and then built in the year 1969.

Walmart Call Off Number

In case you are not doing well and want to take a leave from work, you can dial 1-800-755-5944, the Walmart call off number.

Now, if you are a new employee at Walmart and are unacquainted with the call-out norms, stay tuned with us till the end as this article is going to cover every possible question that you might have regarding Walmart’s policies of taking a leave.

What Formalities Do You Need Before Calling In Sick?

You need to keep your WIN number, store number, and your DOB (month – date – year) at hand before calling in sick since you will have to enter these details correctly.

When you call on 1-800-755-5944, they will ask your name and the above-mentioned details. Once the formalities are submitted and confirmed, your call will be directed to the store manager and you can then report your problem in a formal manner.

Guide To Call In Sick At Walmart

Follow the step by step details to call in sick at Walmart –

  1. Dial 1-800-755-5944 and your call will be received by the automatic setup.
  2. The system will ask your name, WIN number, (Walmart Identification Number), date of birth, and the store number that you work in.
  3. Enter all the details correctly. Once approved, the automatic voice will provide you with a confirmation number.
  4. Remember the confirmation number as you will be asked for it later.
  5.  Your call will then be forwarded to the Walmart headquarters and you can explain the reason for your leave to the manager in charge.

What Do You Need To Do For Taking A Leave At Walmart?

Ideally, you should inform the office about your leave at least 3 hours prior so that they get the time to make arrangements and replace you with another employee for the time being.

However, there is no strict norm to follow if there is an emergency and you don’t have the time or condition to report absence.

In any case, make sure that the leaves are not very frequent. But, if you are undergoing a medical treatment that requires calling off from work regularly, do discuss the condition with the facility manager, providing him with the authentic medical certificates of your illness.

How To Report Sickness At Walmart Online?

If the Walmart call off number is not in service due to some technical issue, you can register your late absence online over the portal, Walmart One.


For addressing a period of illness to the authorities, you first need to have an account on their official portal. You need to click on the report my absence tab and then fill out the information related to your reasons for taking the day off.

Fill out the date or number of days of your absence, along with the symptoms and explanation of your disease or injury.

How To Register Your Sick Leave On The OneWalmart Website?

In case you are not willing/able to call the Walmart call out number, you can instead register your leave request on, the official website of Walmart.

Here’s a guide that will help you in reporting your absence on the Walmart website –

  1. Go to the website and click on the logo that appears on the top left corner of the page.
  2. You will then be asked to complete a verification process.
  3. Log in to your account and there you will see a “report my absence” tab. Click on that.
  4. Your personal details including your name and WIN number will automatically be filled in the form.
  5. 3 options will pop up and you will have to select one of them, giving the reason for your leave.

What Is The Alternative Method To Call In Sick At Walmart?

It is highly improbable that the Walmart call out number does not work within the assigned time,i.e, 8 am to 5 pm. But, If you have an emergency before 8 or after 5, you won’t be able to report your leave from work.

In that case, the only alternative method to call in sick would be to go for the online process and address your problem on the portal itself, following the screen instructions.

What is Intermittent Leave At Walmart?

Intermittent leave is the account of pre-decided leaves that you will be taking from work along with the reasons specified in detail for the same. You can’t take recurring days off without a valid reason.

A Leave can be both in the form of the reduced number of work days or work hours. You just need to contact Walmart manager and proceed according to the formalities for settling the issue of frequent leaves because of an ongoing illness.

You can send your request of absence confirmation to the Accommodation Services Center for reviewing the eligibility of the report in case you are not counted as a valid candidate for FMLA.

What Should You Do For Getting An Intermittent Leave?

The eligible associates for filing an intermittent leave should report to their authorities about 2-3 days before the date of absence. This would be helpful for the store manager and his team to readjust or replace your shift beforehand.

If somehow you are unable to inform the reason for your absence, they could charge you with points and even take strict action against your position.

What Is Reduced Hours Leave?

Reduced hours leave is another category of leave wherein a Walmart Associate needs to frame the boundaries of work hours and report it to the manager. This could be done only when you have a formal proof of your ill health condition which would allow you to work for a specific number of hours per week.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can go out of your way and take advantage of this policy. If you are willing to take a longer leave, then the appreciable action would be to dial the call off number of Walmart or report the issue on MySedgwick Online.

Who Do I Report My Absence To At Walmart?

A Walmart Associate must call 1-800-755-5944 to ask for a leave from work. When you dial the before-mentioned contact number, your call will be received by an automatic system which would then direct it towards the HR manager of Walmart.

You can then easily report your absence to your store manager, stating the details and genuine causes of the leave.

It is suggested to call in sick before 3 calendar days at Walmart Sedgwick’s or register the request for leave on the MySedgwick portal.

Does Walmart Pay Sick Leave?

Can You Call In Sick Late At Walmart?

You are expected to inform the next level manager of your sick leave beforehand so that there is no chaos and the shifts run systematically.

However, if you call in sick late or do not call at all, you will be given a point based on the day of your leave. Generally, extra points will be given to you for taking a day off during public holidays and weekends.

Being on good terms with your facility manager could lend you great help if you somehow missed informing the authorities about your leave.

What Are The Number Of Days You Can Take Leave?

Walmart’s absence policy allowed the employees to take about 9 days off from work per 6 months. But, it has recently been reduced to 5 days/6 months.

So, it is favorable for you to not exceed the limit of 4-5 days as far as reporting in sick is concerned.

Do You Get Points For Taking A Leave At Walmart?

Walmart gives you a point for every unauthorized absence that you take, meaning the more leaves you take, the more points you receive and the more is the chance of your termination in the worst-case scenario.

The system of leave points in Walmart goes like this –

  1. 1 point will be given to the employee if he misses 1 active workday.
  2. 1/2 point will be given to the employee if he leaves early from work or reaches late.
  3. A new employee who has not worked more than 6 months has a maximum limit of 4 points.
  4. An employee working for more than 6 months has a maximum limit of 9 points.
  5. In case of a serious emergency, no points will be given to the employee.
  6. No points if you call in sick beforehand and justify the reason for the duration of absences.

Can You Directly Call The Manager For Reporting The Leave?

You can call your HR manager directly and let them know about your absence but for the ethics concern, it is always better to proceed in a formal and systematic manner.

Call the Walmart call off number within business hours and tell your Walmart identification number to the controller. Your call will then be connected to the facility manager and you can tell your issue to him.

In case of a technical issue, you can skip the calling part and fill out the formalities for taking a leave.

Can You Miss A Day Of Work At Walmart?

You won’t be fired if you miss 1 day of work without prior notice. The authorities of the Walmart community allow you to take 5 days off without giving a substantial reason 3 days before the leave.

However, you will get terminated as soon as you cross 5 points. Walmart norms are very strict and inflexible in that regard and you don’t want to risk your job just for the sake of taking unauthorized leave from work.

What Happens If You Take Frequent leaves From Work?

If your medical condition requires more time than needed to get better, you will have to provide recertification to Sedgwick and wait for approval. Once verified, you can stay assured and relaxed as you will not be given extra points for it.

In case your intermittent time exceeds without a reasonable cause, and you do not reach out to the authorities for confirming your absence, you will automatically receive a point.


To sum the above-mentioned information up, the basic rules for reporting your absence at Walmart are calling the Walmart associate hotline number, 1-800-755-5944, and keeping your Walmart identification number and store number ready. If the contact number doesn’t work, you can always go for the online method.

You will also receive points if you skip the process of calling in sick. However, you might be spared in case of an emergency.

Be sure not to take the risk of crossing 5 points as that will lead to your termination.

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