Basketball Floor Cleaner Salary

NBA Floor Cleaner Salary | NBA Mop Boy & Floor Cleaner Salary 2022

The salary of an NBA floor cleaner is around $30,000 if you are at the beginner level. It can increase to $100,100 per annum once you attain an experience of more than five years. The average salary stays approximately $80,000 for a year.

Floor cleaners in the NBA are also likely to get some additional perks, including cash tips from the players, free residence and food (if they travel to the match locations), and the opportunity to meet their idol players.

What is NBA?

NBA or National Basketball Association is an American basketball league that comprises 30 teams, 1 of Canada and the rest 29 of the United States. The NBA, originally named BAA (Basketball Association of America), was formed in New York in 1946 and included professional players.

The motto of the NBA is “This Is Why We Play,” and the statement that they use to instill a sense of sportsmanship is, “We compete with intensity, lead with integrity, and inspire play.”

Basketball Floor Cleaner Salary

Although both skills and experience are taken into consideration for getting selected as an NBA basketball player, various other jobs within the NBA pay you more than most other jobs. Some of these jobs include a mop boy, water boy, and towel boy.

This article will revolve around these unfancy but high-paying jobs in the NBA. You can apply for them and make thousands of dollars just by mopping the floor!

What Is The Job Of A Mop Boy In The Nba?

The primary job that a mop boy is required to do is sweeping the basketball courts. It is their sole duty to be active all the time and take care of the cleanliness. Mop boys are instructed to wipe the floor clean before, after, and during the breaks in the match.

They need to get rid of the dust, simultaneously ensuring that the court is always ready for the players and that they don’t slip and fall over while playing.

Along with the physical strength to clean surfaces aptly, they are also required to be fast enough to finish the job rapidly between the match breaks. And James Fraschilla tweeted, praising these mop boys and ball boys, saying that she respects their work.

Read the full tweet here.

How Much Is The NBA Floor Sweeper Salary?

Although the salary of a mop boy in the NBA varies across teams, qualifications, and skillsets, the average salary ranges from $60,000 to $90,000. They are usually paid at an hourly rate or after a match is completed.

You can expect more than the average value if you possess a strong background in physical training.

Now, since the payout is comparatively high, you need to put equal effort into justifying the salary. The job is really tiring and requires a lot of physical strength. You must be able to cater to the requirements of the hiring committee to be a part of the NBA.

How Much Do Waterboys And Towelboys Make In The NBA?

The average annual salary of waterboys and towel boys in the NBA is $58, 000 in the entry-level. But, it can definitely go up to $100,000, if you have really appealing and powerful abilities to the needful work without much guidance. After all, there are 8 billion people out there, out of which only a small percentage get selected for the role.

Additional to the capabilities of senior floor sweepers, waterboys and towel boys are expected to be highly attentive at all times. Since their job is strictly confined to keeping the basketball players hydrated, they must be observant enough to supply drinks rapidly and at the right time.

What Is The Median Salary Of A Referee In The Nba?

Median NBA Floor Cleaner Salary

Referees are paid higher than an NBA floor cleaner, for all the obvious reasons. The initial salary of a referee starts from around $180,000 and as they gain relevant experiences, their payout can even reach as high as $550,000 on approx, for 1 season. This equals nearly $600 per match on the basic level.

However, the job of a referee is not an easy one. You need a lot more formalities than just your qualifications for getting selected as a referee.

The primary attributes are attentiveness (you need to have the eye of an eagle as most decisions will depend on your judgments), confidence (independency of statements is extremely crucial), and courage (to face the criticism of people who don’t resonate with your final verdict).

How Much Tax Will You Have To Pay As A Floor Cleaner?

NBA Floor Cleaner Income Tax

There is no average figure as far as the tax is concerned within the NBA jobs. Different cities have tax norms that are poles apart and so, we can’t give you a perfect figure. However, you can consider reading the following example to get the hang of it.

The first $30,000 earned by floor sweepers in NBA is exempted from paying any kind of taxes. The next $30,000 is taxed at 10% and anything above that amount is taxed at 15%. So, if you earn $60,000, then you will have to pay around $3,000 in taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to NBA Floor Sweeper Salary & Job

1) How Much Does A Mop Boy Make In The Nba?

Ans – A mop boy working in the NBA makes around $60,000 to $90,000 approximately, based on their level of expertise in doing the job and qualifications in that regard.

2) Is It Hard To Become A Mop Boy?

Ans – Becoming a mop boy in the NBA can be considered a hard job because you need to have some really good connections for getting recognized by the authorities. Apart from that strength, flexibility and prior knowledge of the physical abilities rank as the major factors.

3) Why Does The Salary Vary?

Ans – The salary of an NBA floor cleaner can vary largely, depending on your capability to do the work, your experience in the field, and your sense of attentiveness.

4) What Benefits Do Mop Boys Get?

Ans – Along with a good salary per annum, mop boys get some additional benefits like getting to meet their favorite players, attending all the sporting leagues, eating free food, and much more.

5) Is A Mop Boy Job A Good Career In The NBA?

Ans – If we look at the broad picture and money aspect, a job of mop boy is not at all bad and is actually a good career, as you earn much more than people struggling 9-5 in a cooperate job.

6) How To Become An NBA Floor Cleaner?

Ans – You have to fill out an application form to get in the queue of the aspiring floor cleaners for NBA. In addition to that, you do need to have a source in the association to help you with the necessary details.

7) How Much Do NBA Referees Get Paid?

And – NBA referees get paid between $180,000 and $550,000, the huge difference in the range is because of a lot of factors, including expertise and experience.

8) How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make?

Ans – The annual wages of waterboys range from $58,000 to $100,000. However, the initial amount that a waterboy gets per match is $100.

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